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Explainer Video Production: What It Is and Why It Works for Every Company


Explainer videos are one of the most important parts of a video production marketing campaign. They provide your customers with everything they need to know about your company’s product, brand, concept, or cause. By creating an explainer video, your company establishes credibility and professionalism.

But making an explainer video is harder than it may seem. Our services in explainer video production take the stress of making the video exceptional off of your shoulders. Instead, we do all the hard work to make the video eye-catching and entertaining. All you need to do is share your expertise and products with the world.

Keep reading to find out all about what an explainer video is, why it works, and the benefits of hiring our team to help create your video.

What Is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is pretty self-explanatory. It is a concise video that you put on your homepage or other high-traffic websites to help customers get to know you and your brand quickly. They are usually under two minutes and explain who you are and what you do in an efficient manner.

Explainer videos are becoming increasingly popular as people realize their benefits. Landing pages with explainer videos have a 53% higher likelihood of appearing first on Google results pages.

As a video production company, our team is experienced and knowledgeable on how to make the absolute best explainer videos. We can walk you through the process of storyboarding, scriptwriting, voiceovers, and more.

Explainer videos have helped companies like Dropbox increase consumer engagement and purchases exponentially. They are definitely worth the investment.

Why Explainer Videos Work

There are a few key reasons why explainer videos work to increase consumer engagement and overall visibility of your business. Most of the reasons are related to basic brain behaviors and preferences to find the unique creations and practical solutions within the nonstop noise of the digital world.

Customers want to know what you can do for them in a quick manner. They do not want to have to lag through paragraphs of unimportant information just to find the purpose of your business. More people are likely to finish a two minute explainer video than finish reading an entire blog post. Explainer videos give the customers exactly the information they are looking for and are more likely to retain their attention.

The best use of an explainer video is to spread the message of your business and try to gain personal connections with your customers. The more connections you can establish, the more likely you are to create returning customers who want to support your brand and your mission by buying your products.

But to make sure that your explainer video works in the desired way, it has to be created and produced correctly. This is why many companies choose to hire an explainer video creation company to help them with their videos. They are the most important part of a website, so hiring experts, like our team, is a worthy investment.

Benefits of Hiring an Explainer Video Production Company

Explainer videos are great for any company. But to work well, they need to be produced well. A video that looks amateurish will give the vibes of an amateur brand. A professional looking video will show customers a professional brand.

This is where an explainer video production company, like us, steps in. Our work in the video marketing campaign industry has shown that our process of video production benefits all our clients in a multitude of ways.

Increased Conversion

With a professional video production marketing campaign and explainer video, companies can see an increased conversion rate of customers from competing businesses. Explainer videos make your business personalized, and customers want to support businesses that can connect with them.

Increased Time On Page

Most people will watch a short video to the end. Explainer videos are only 2 minutes long, just the right length to get someone’s attention but not exhaust it. More customers will watch a full explainer video rather than finish an entire blog post.

This means that not only are customers more likely to actually receive all the information you want them to, but they are more likely to stay on your page. The video spikes their interest and afterwards they still have enough attention to navigate throughout your website and find the details of the products and services you laid out in the video.


Explainer videos are generic information about your company meaning they can be used on any advertising channel or social media you want. They cater to every type of audience and are budget-friendly. One video for multiple channels!

Check out our explainer video!

What Are the Steps of an Explainer Video Production?

The steps of producing an explainer video can vary depending on which explainer video production company you partner with. But the general steps include pre-video, video, and post-video.

Pre-video production includes things like storyboarding, making the scripts, and understanding what exactly it is that you are trying to capture and say within the video. This is where you and your production team will collaborate to brainstorm creative approaches and how to implement them into your campaign.

The actual video creation is fairly self explanatory. This is the fun part of filming the content and bringing your ideas and brand to life.

The post-production is the reason most companies hire professionals. Post-production is all the editing, voice-overs, and sound effects. After all this is over, your video (upon your approval) will be ready to release to the world!

Professional Explainer Video Producers

Our team has many professional explainer video producers – all ready to help your business thrive. We have honed our expertise in video production and are among the best in the market for an explainer video creation company.

Producers are a necessity so that your videos can come together professionally and capture your audience’s attention. By hiring our producers the stress is taken off your shoulders during the production. All you have to do is attend the shoot and then watch your explainer video take shape.

If you are ready to start the process of making your own explainer video, we are here to help! Contact us today so we can collaborate on bringing your story to life and releasing it to the world.


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