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We create incredible videos alongside a custom-tailored marketing strategy to ensure your video campaign gets you results. Video used to be a luxury, now it's a necessity to enable your business growth. That's where our team comes in.

Client Onboarding

Video Strategy Call

During our call we will discuss your campaigns goals, existing video sales strategy, timeline and see how our team can advise on the best next steps to create a successful video marketing strategy.

5 days after onboarding

Build Your Custom Video Strategy

Our team becomes a part of your team by analyzing your sales obstacles and start to plan out how video can help you overcome your biggest sales struggles. From there we identify what type of videos and formats will help you overcome from challenges. These can be a mixture of brand, promotional, and/or testimonial video content.

7 days after onboarding

Present Your Video Marketing Plan

Our team creates a customized marketing plan for you to review, which includes: writing a killer script for your video project, choosing the best locations and creating a pre-visualization of your project, so you can see what your project will become. All of this backed by years of experience will ensure your video production is off to a great start.

10 days after onboarding

Produce Campaign Materials

We get started on implementing your custom video strategy and producing your video campaign. Most of our clients expect to see around 6 to 10 videos being created from a single video campaign; as we create everything you need to launch successfully on all social media channels. What this means is we create multiple versions that are optimized for specific social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

20 Days after onboarding

Launch Your Campaign

Once your video project is approved and tested, our team will work with you and your team to create a marketing launch strategy to get your campaign launched. This is the most exciting part and you start to see your return on investment almost immediately. 

Award Winning Video Content

In collaboration with our client, Piedmont Paving; we took home the Best Marketing Video of 2024 at PaveX. 


A custom video strategy usually consists of a few main video styles: Brand Message Videos, Promotional videos and client testimonials. These work together to create an engaging experience for your customers so you can be sure they have all of the information they need to make a purchasing decision. 

Job sites

Capturing your product in action is a relatable way for your customer base to see how it performs and how it can help them get the job done. Combining job site videos, product walkarounds, and customer testimonials makes for a compelling sales tool.


Brand Stories

Telling your company's story is a straightforward way to showcase why you are the way you are, and potential customers can learn more about who you are and what you do. Brand Videos are high-level videos in which you can add a human element once someone is interested in your product or service.

Promotional Videos

Looking to captivate your customers and spark their interest in your product? Promotional videos are a powerful tool to achieve this. With their fast-moving visuals and compelling storytelling, we can effectively convey your company's unique selling points in a minute or less, leaving your audience excited and intrigued!


Product Explainers

Product Explainers or Product Walkarounds are great tools for your sales team to close more sales. They provide information about your product and allow customers to get baseline information to see if your machine will fit their needs. These videos are the perfect tools to get a client interested before you close the sale.

Dealer testimonials

A written review online is one thing, but a video showing the emotion and impact that your product or service created in someone's life will convert an interested customer into a paying customer. We find that producing three of these videos for your company is the best way to show a diverse amount of experience.


Support and How To Videos

Providing support videos to your customers is a great way to set them up for success when navigating your product or service. We have also seen success with our clients creating organic YouTube videos for do-it-yourself (DIY) people that convert them into customers.

Tradeshow Coverage

Tradeshows are great ways to get customers in person, but are you putting on the best online tradeshow? Our team will provide photo and video coverage at your tradeshow booth and create strategic video content to engage with your customers who could not make the show. You can expect multiple product walkarounds, customer testimonials, and overall customer interaction in your booth.



You and your team have put lots of time and effort into creating a customer event; let us capture it and market it to your customers. Event recap videos are a great way to create an online perception of how much you do for your customer base.

That's not all

What is great about working with CDS Visuals is how custom our video production process is to your company. The videos above are just examples of some of the excellent video deliverables we can create for your company. Once we sit down and identify your goals and create your custom strategy based on those goals, you will better understand what videos you can expect.

Case studies

Check out the results we've achieved...

Launched Four New Products and Increased 

Online Engagements by 2,287%

LeeBoy, a renowned asphalt machinery manufacturer in Davidson, NC, was looking to elevate their digital presence and enhance its marketing efforts to reach their core North America audience. They needed a partner to develop a comprehensive video marketing strategy, increase their online engagement, and boost sales for their range of products.

The process

We sat down with Kristi and her team over the course of a couple months to identify their marketing goals and develop a production plan to reach them. 

Over the course of a year we marketed one of the largest trade shows in North America, ConExpo in Vegas launched 4 new products with product walkarounds, animations and how to videos and traveled all across the United States to capture their machines in action.


Thanks to the collaboration with CDS Visuals, LeeBoy experienced a significant transformation in its digital marketing efforts:

  • Increased brand recognition and visibility.
  • A rapidly growing online audience.
  • Empowered sales team with effective video marketing tools.
  • Enhanced presence on YouTube, a critical platform for industry-related searches.

These results show the effectiveness of CDS Visuals' video marketing strategy in helping LeeBoy achieve its goals and reach new heights in the competitive asphalt machinery market. 


Kristi Harris 

Director of Marketing


Asphalt Machinery


Over 18,500,000 Social Media Impressions in less than 12 months

Launched Client Support Videos in Multiple Languages Globally


Zeiss approached us with the problem of educating their current client base on how to use their complex 3D scanning devices. We sat down with Toon and his team and identified that by simplifying some of the verbiage and workflow, their customers could better understand how to use their scanners. 

The Results

From the first webinar that we produced in collaboration with #HandsOnMetrology by Zeiss they were able to sell five additional scanners then they usually do just by creating a higher quality presentation over zoom. 



Toon Peeters

Development Engineer


3D Metrology


Higher Client Retention

Launched their new Pharmacy Software Application with an Apple style keynote


We partnered with Emporos a leading pharmacy point-of-sales (POS) software to produce an engaging keynote to get their current customer and prospective customers excited about adopting a new software in their tech stack. 

Naturally their team is very technical focused and we were able to take their complex product and create an easy to understand keynote for their viewers to understand the benefit of adopting their technology.

The process

Nicole reached out to us as someone that was running a small marketing team of one and needed help to produce a high quality keynote for their new product launch. 


Nicole Tramel

Marketing Director


Pharmacy Software 


Successful Product Launch

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