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Marketing Videos For Business: The Ultimate Video Marketing Guide


Making marketing videos for business can be an intimidating process. The Internet is flooded with articles explaining video marketing, but too often they muddy the water. If you’re looking for simplicity and clarity, keep reading to learn everything you need for your successful video marketing campaign.

What is Video Marketing?

If you’re new to marketing videos for business, it can seem complicated. Basically, video marketing helps brands connect with their audience in a new way. Video ads are a common example, but you can see examples of video marketing all over the Internet.

The Importance of Video Marketing

Making marketing videos for business isn’t another trend in marketing. More than 85% of consumer Internet traffic is video consumption. Why wouldn’t it be? Videos improve retention and engagement by over 80%. Imagine what that can do for your business!

8 Essential Types of Marketing Videos

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the myriad marketing video options available. Read through these nine types of videos to jumpstart your marketing strategy.

1. Demo Videos

Demos might be the most common marketing videos for businesses. This video style works across industries, from late-night infomercials for miracle skincare products to a workout equipment manufacturer’s installation guide.

Demos are a great way to clarify more complicated products, highlight the value they can bring, and showcase how your product does what it does. 

2. Brand Videos

Does your brand put the time and effort into sustainable production, support family values, or provide transparency at every stage? With brand videos, companies build brand awareness and connect to their audiences on another level.

Brand videos are a great way to help your company stand out from the crowd by highlighting the why behind the how

3. Event Videos

When it comes to marketing videos for business, event videos don’t receive enough attention. If your brand participates in (or hosts!) educational or entertainment events, this video style can show them off! From highlight reels of your presence at Coachella to a TedTalk-style recording of your conference’s keynote speaker, event videos introduce your company as part of a greater community.

4. Expert Interviews

Expert interviews make great marketing videos for businesses because they help build credibility. Anyone with the money and time can build a professional-looking website, but showcasing an industry expert aligns your brand with facts and truth. 

Bring value to your audience while driving your credibility with interviews with industry experts.

5. Educational, How-To, and DIY Videos

This style of marketing videos for businesses can dovetail with demo or interview videos, or stand on its own. From in-depth analyses of industry trends to how a product can be integrated into a seasonal product, people are endlessly fascinated by nitty gritty details about how things work.

Take advantage of the Information Age and shed some light on your products and services.

6. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos step into your customers’ shoes and show them why they need what you have to offer. An aromatherapy candle company could highlight the stresses of modern life and the benefits of certain scents, while a dating service might portray itself as an alternative to dating apps.

Use an explainer video to show your customer you understand their needs and have the solution they need. 

7. Case Study and Customer Testimonial Videos

Over 60% of consumers consider reviews from strangers as seriously as advice from a loved one. A video case study or testimonial can use engaging graphics, narration, and client feedback to increase credibility.

Video case studies and testimonials are a great way to show your customers the real-world value of your products and services.

8. Live Videos

When you’re considering marketing videos for business, don’t overlook live videos! Since the pandemic, live videos have exploded in popularity. They create a strong sense of connection and urgency while driving engagement.

Use live videos to reach broader audiences, improve brand awareness, and increase engagement.

5 Questions to Jumpstart Your Video Marketing Strategy

Making marketing videos for businesses is only part of the struggle. A solid video marketing strategy will help you make full use of your investment.

1. What Are Your Goals?

Knowing what you’re hoping to achieve is the first step. Do you need to expand brand awareness? Have you launched a new product or service? Take time to consider what result your company is trying to achieve with your video marketing campaign.

2. Who Is Your Target Audience?

Identifying your audience may seem basic, but it can help in developing marketing videos for businesses. If you’re aiming for a specific subsection of your audience, this is particularly important. You don’t want to waste time marketing to the wrong people.

What platforms does your target audience use? How do they connect with brands? 

3. What Are Your Budget and Timeline?

You might not like to think about project limitations, but they can often help you create the framework you need. Your budget and timeline are deeply entwined. Short timelines or tight budgetary constraints will have a huge impact on your video marketing strategy.

4. What’s Your Message?

When you’re ready to make marketing videos for business, your messaging is a crucial component. If you’re unsure, consider your goals and audience. If your goal is to increase brand awareness in Gen Z and Millennials, your messaging could be about how your brand supports authenticity. 

5. How Will You Measure Success?

With your framework clearly defined, it’s time to consider how you’ll know if you meet your goals. Views are great, but there’s a lot more to video marketing than reach. If your goal is to increase conversions, you can focus on click-through and conversion rates. With brand awareness as a goal, you might instead focus on shares and views. 

The metrics you use to define success should clearly reflect your goals. 

Set Your Business Up for Success

Making marketing videos for business can be as intimidating as it can be exciting. Working with a professional video marketing firm can help you invest your time and money where it will best benefit your business.

At CDS Visuals, we work with you every step of the way, from building your video marketing strategy to launching your campaign.

Contact us today for your strategy call!


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