Dr. Joseph Dastrup with Dastrup Dental in Davidson, NC saw the importance of including video testimonials into their digital marketing strategy, so we partnered up to highlight three of their patients that really saw the results they were looking for.


Client Testimonial
Charlie’s full mouth reconstruction allowed him to get the functionality in his teeth he was looking for while creating a great looking natural smile.


Client Testimonial
Jen and her family have been going to Dr. Joseph Dastrup for many years and loves his approach to dentistry beyond the teeth. Jen explains how Dr. Dastrup was able to help her daughter sleep better at night with Airway Focused Dentistry.


Client Testimonial
Rick was hesitant when it came to doing any dental work as he didn’t want to lose the functionality of his teeth. Dr. Dastrup walks us through his approach to this and how he was able to get Rick the results he was looking for.

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