Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Photography

Capture your commercial property’s best amenities and showcase your tenants’ lifestyle on HDR and 4K film and use the photos to put your listing—and yourself—a step above the competition.

Commercial Real Estate Videography

Commercial real estate aerial videography can zoom in on the features and amenities that make your commercial property unique. We’ll set you up to share the completed clips on social media.

3D Commercial Real Estate Tours

Allow prospective clients to take a Matterport 3D virtual tour of your commercial property, even when they can’t be there in person. Virtual tours and open houses are a great way to boost engagement with your target audience.

Setting You Up for Success

No matter your marketing goals for your real estate project, business, or venue, our creative process allows us to work together to plan and design a solid marketing plan with jaw-dropping visuals.

Let’s chat about what you’re envisioning so we can turn it into a reality. We’ll talk about your goals, your budget, and the range of creative options available to you.

Once we’ve established your goals and created a game plan, we’ll work with you to select a date and put your shoot on the calendar.

Photography, videography, and 3D experiences—at this stage, you’ll receive your deliverables and get a first look at the visuals we created just for you.

Now that you have your creative content, make sure it gets as much exposure as possible with your custom marketing plan. We’ll set you up with videos and photos formatted for social media.

I am SO thankful that I found Cameron and CDS Visuals for my real estate business. Cameron has been incredible to work with from start to finish and the whole process was seamless. All my questions were answered, we built a clear strategy on how to approach the project together and he followed through to a T. Highly professional communicator and a very skilled and talented artist. I’ll definitely be working with CDS Visuals again.

Tracy Cummins

Keller Williams

Boost Your Commercial Real Estate Listings

Want to show prospective tenants and clients why your commercial property deserves a second look? Showcase its amenities with a variety of visuals, including lifestyle walkthroughs that let the property speak for itself and guided walkthroughs that feature you or your voiceover.

Underscore Your Neighborhood’s Greatest Features

Capture the look and feel of your neighborhood and the surrounding areas to convince potential tenants they’ll have everything they need and the lifestyle they’ve always wanted when they move in. Real estate drone photography and aerial videography can capture your neighborhood from an impressive new angle.

Help Your Apartment Community Shine

Showcase the lifestyle your tenants can expect and tell them why your apartment community is the perfect place to call home. Highlight your amenities and let potential residents explore what your community has to offer via photos, videos, and 3D tours.

Showcase Your Plans for Your New Development

Show off your new commercial development by adding virtual lot lines and a lifestyle profile of the surrounding area. No matter where you are in the development process, you can help potential buyers and tenants envision how they fit into the final product.

Highlight Your Property With Industry-Leading Photography

High-dynamic-range photography, or HDR, provides high-quality print photos and optimized images for your online commercial property listings. If you want your property to stand out from the competition, this is how to do it.

Reel in Potential Tenants With 3D Virtual Experiences

Just because potential tenants or clients can’t visit your commercial property in person, that doesn’t mean they can’t take a look around. Matterport 3D virtual tours are the virtual solution you need. Showcase your property’s amenities and lifestyle to reel in your audience.

Engage Your Audience With Interactive Real Estate Videos

Let your potential tenants guide their video journey with interactive commercial real estate videos. By making them part of the presentation, you’re more likely to hook them and create more interest for your commercial property.

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If you want your listing to make a statement, this is how to do it.

Virtual Experiences

3D tours by Matterport are the virtual solution you need.

Neighborhood Profiles

Capture the look and feel of your neighborhood.

New Development Solutions

You can help potential buyers envision the final product.

Apartment Communities

Show everyone why your apartment community is the perfect place.

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