Interactive Real Estate Videos

Create and Capture More Interest for Your Real Estate Listings

This new marketing tool is proving to be an efficient and effective method for creating more engagement with real estate listings. How? It makes viewers part of the presentation by offering options to click within the video and letting them choose their own path. If you want to send your engagement off the charts, interactive videos are a great way to do it.

Retarget Your Viewers and Show Them More of Your Listings

When a potential client or tenant views one of your interactive videos, you’ll have the ability to retarget them. That means they’ll be shown more of your listings and encouraged to continue their engagement with your real estate listings and commercial properties.

Put an Interactive Video on Your Real Estate Landing Pages

Interactive videos come with a host of benefits beyond improving engagement with potential clients and buyers. The unique features allow you to:

  • Utilize your Facebook pixel to retarget your prospective buyers.
  • Capture emails directly in the video.
  • Create A/B tests to identify what people interact with the most.
  • Put your brand directly on the video with custom branding options.
  • Get full reporting on all your videos to gauge success.

Check Out These Screenshots of an Interactive Video in Action

This Is How One of Our Clients Is Using Interactive Video to Sell Her Listings

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