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Capture your listing’s best features on video, then easily share the social-media ready clips.

Real Estate Marketing That Turns Heads

Real estate marketing is a competition to see who can make their listing look the sleekest and the most desirable, and you’ve got to come out on top. The right combination of modern videography, photography, and virtual tours can showcase your listing’s strengths and convince potential buyers that there’s no other home they’d rather live in.

I am SO thankful that I found Cameron and CDS Visuals for my real estate business. Cameron has been incredible to work with from start to finish and the whole process was seamless. All my questions were answered, we built a clear strategy on how to approach the project together and he followed through to a T. Highly professional communicator and a very skilled and talented artist. I’ll definitely be working with CDS Visuals again.

Tracy Cummins

Keller Williams

Setting You Up for Success

No matter your marketing goals for your real estate project, business, or venue, our creative process allows us to work together to plan and design a solid marketing plan with jaw-dropping visuals.

Let’s chat about what you’re envisioning so we can turn it into a reality. We’ll talk about your goals, your budget, and the range of creative options available to you.

Once we’ve established your goals and created a game plan, we’ll work with you to select a date and put your shoot on the calendar.

Photography, videography, and 3D experiences—at this stage, you’ll receive your deliverables and get a first look at the visuals we created just for you.

Now that you have your creative content, make sure it gets as much exposure as possible with your custom marketing plan. We’ll set you up with videos and photos formatted for social media.

Choose From a Selection of Walkthrough Video Formats

A walkthrough video allows you to present your listing to potential buyers in a format that is both illustrative and engaging. Choose the option that best fits your goals.

Guided Walkthrough

Appear on video and guide viewers through a house tour or provide an off-camera voiceover that gives extra details and descriptions.

Branded Intro and Outro

Appear on camera or provide a voiceover for the intro and outro of your video walkthrough.

Branded End Card

End your listing’s video walkthrough with an end card that provides all the details potential buyers need.

Lifestyle Walkthrough

Perfect for higher-end listings, these walkthroughs include models using the home to help potential buyers picture themselves living there.

Your Listing is Social-Media Ready

Market your listings directly to potential buyers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms. Your video package includes alternate versions of your video as well as shorter versions of your walkthrough, all optimized for viewing on each individual social media platform to make sharing easy.

Copyright-Free Music

Your video deserves the perfect soundtrack. To ensure your video is prepared for a commercial launch, choose from half a million copyright-free songs. That means you have the rights to the video and to the song, so you don’t have to worry about copyright claims.

Get a Social Media Plan With Personalized Posts

Your content is meant to be shared. To help you do that, we’ll create a 15- to 30-day social media plan for your listing. We’ll cut your content into clips that are perfect for sharing on social media, simplifying the process for you.

Enhance your Property Listings Videos with Virtual Tours

In addition to video, 3D tours and virtual experiences are a great way to hook potential buyers and allow them to tour the home on their own terms. Invite them into your listing and make them feel at home with a self-guided 3D virtual tour.

I cannot say enough about Cameron and his work. I reached out to him because I wanted a totally different level of drone photography for my listings. In our Asheville market, they tend to look just alike. I wanted over the top videos to tell that story of my properties. I showed him examples of what I wanted to achieve and he has worked very hard for me and my clients. He is very professional and courteous with my homeowners as well. Cameron is a major piece of marketing in my business.

Marilyn Wright

Premier Sotheby's

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