October 6

Small Business Video Marketing: 5 Creative Ways to Leverage Video Marketing


If you’re not in the know, it can seem like video marketing is another overpriced trend, but it can transform your marketing strategy. Keep reading to learn more about small business video marketing and how it helps businesses like yours multiply their revenue every day. 

What Is Video Marketing? 

Small business video marketing is a way for businesses like yours to connect with their audiences in new ways.

People watch a third or more of their time online viewing videos. Video marketing is a way to engage your audience both mentally and emotionally. Studies tell us that viewers retain over 80% more information from videos than they do from text alone.

Why Is Small Business Video Marketing Important?

In any marketing strategy, one of your considerations should be how you can meet your audience where they are. With the rise of online video, small business video marketing is just the logical next step. Businesses have experienced an 80% increase in conversion rates after implementing video marketing strategies.

Here’s 5 Creative Ways Small Business Video Marketing Can Be Leveraged

Knowing about small business video marketing is only half the battle. Keep reading for five ways to take advantage of video marketing.

1. Tell Your Story Through Video 

With Millennials and Gen Z purchasing power at over $1.65 billion, you’re missing out if you aren’t connecting with these economic powerhouses. But what makes these generations want to buy?

Authenticity. A great way to connect with these groups is to use small business video marketing to tell your story. Why do what you do? What do you stand for? 

2. Showcase Customer Testimonials

Nearly 70% of consumers choose which business to work with based on positive reviews and testimonials. More than half treat reviews like a recommendation from a loved one!

Using small business video marketing to add depth to your customer testimonials and showcasing past successes is a great way to build credibility.

3. Product Videos Are Easily Shared on Social Media 

Virality. You’re probably familiar with the concept. Basically, it’s a piece of media being shared widely and quickly. For many businesses, it can be the jump start they need to take off. 

Because videos are more often shared, small business video marketing is a great way to reach a broader audience faster. The best part is that your audience is doing most of the work.

4. Create How-To Videos Customers Can’t Refuse 

Small businesses not taking advantage of product demos and tutorials are missing out. Nearly 70% of people learn best through demonstration. Small business video marketing is a great way to show your audience how your product works and how it can best fit into their lives.

5. Repurpose Existing Content 

Another great use of small business video marketing is refreshing your content. With audiences retaining more information through video than reading, summarize your existing blogs as videos to reach new customers.

Ready To Get Started With Small Business Video Marketing? 

Video marketing can seem daunting; it’s about partnering with the right company. Cheap and fast services are appealing, but they waste more money than they make.

That’s where we come in. At CDS Visuals, we work to create custom videos and marketing strategies to meet your business needs. Contact us today if you’re ready to invest in your business’s success.


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