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There are so many benefits to using a video marketing strategy in your real estate business. Video marketing opens up a world of opportunities that photos and writing simply can’t provide. Working with our videographer in Charlotte, a real estate video can produce high quality visual content of what makes your business and listings unique. With video marketing you are sure to stand out from the crowd.

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High-Quality Real Estate Video Services in Charlotte NC

We develop a customized marketing strategy tailored to your business needs and goals. Whether you want to get more showings, highlight more listings, or focus on the face behind the estate, we can help you develop the best strategy to do so.

Our real estate videographer in Charlotte NC works directly with you to create the video campaign that fulfills your vision and goals. This includes highlighting the unique details in a listing in high quality, or showcasing the desirability and best features of the neighborhood community.

Our real estate video services also include client testimonials, brand message videos, and promotional videos to fill up your campaign with the best marketing possible. Each of these video categories can increase customer engagement with you and your business, increasing revenue.

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How Can a Real Estate Videographer Help Your Charlotte Business?

In Charlotte NC, real estate is one of the toughest businesses to stand out in. As a growing community, there are plenty of high-tier businesses out there, but you need an amazing marketing strategy to snag it from the competitive realm. That’s where our custom real estate video services and marketing campaigns can help.

Video campaigns can not only spread awareness of your brand, but putting a face behind the business is more likely to increase customer engagement and conversion rates. Videography opens up many opportunities that photos and writing simply cannot accommodate. The visual aspect can create increased interest in a certain area or neighborhood by highlighting the best parts.

The creativity that videos allow means the campaign can be catered and customized to your business and target audience. You can answer local real estate questions that your audience may have and create a more genuine connection than simply a business consumer relationship.

Our Social Media Content Strategy For Real Estate Agents

Our marketing campaigns are not only reliant on the creation of videos. We also have services to monitor and launch campaigns on all of your social media platforms. Our strategy includes content research to create winning ideas, building your customized social media campaign strategy, making the videos and posting them, and finally pushing consumer attention towards your content.

This strategy is completely customized in collaboration with you and your team. We want to know what are your goals and what you want to be known for within your social media content. This way we can create the best videos to reach your target audience and help your business grow.

Our years of experience in the video marketing industry has helped us get to know the algorithms and best practices of using social media. We help to identify your biggest competitors and the best performing content within your industry and location. Capitalizing on this knowledge helps us to collaborate and create the best video content for your social media platforms and enhance your business marketing and engagement.



We create incredible videos alongside a custom-tailored marketing strategy to ensure your video campaign gets you results. Video used to be a luxury, now it's a necessity to enable your business growth. That's where our team comes in.

Client Onboarding

Video Strategy Call

During our call we will discuss your campaigns goals, existing video sales strategy, timeline and see how our team can advise on the best next steps to create a successful video marketing strategy.

5 days after onboarding

Build Your Custom Video Strategy

Our team becomes a part of your team by analyzing your sales obstacles and start to plan out how video can help you overcome your biggest sales struggles. From there we identify what type of videos and formats will help you overcome from challenges. These can be a mixture of brand, promotional, and/or testimonial video content.

7 days after onboarding

Present Your Video Marketing Plan

Our team creates a customized marketing plan for you to review, which includes: writing a killer script for your video project, choosing the best locations and creating a pre-visualization of your project, so you can see what your project will become. All of this backed by years of experience will ensure your video production is off to a great start.

10 days after onboarding

Produce Campaign Materials

We get started on implementing your custom video strategy and producing your video campaign. Most of our clients expect to see around 6 to 10 videos being created from a single video campaign; as we create everything you need to launch successfully on all social media channels. What this means is we create multiple versions that are optimized for specific social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

20 Days after onboarding

Launch Your Campaign

Once your video project is approved and tested, our team will work with you and your team to create a marketing launch strategy to get your campaign launched. This is the most exciting part and you start to see your return on investment almost immediately. 



A custom video strategy usually consists of a few main video styles: Brand Message Videos, Promotional videos, client testimonials, listing videos, and more. These work together to create an engaging experience for your clients so you can be sure they have all of the information they need to make a purchasing decision. 

Brand Message videos

Telling your brand story is an easy way for potential customers to learn more about who you are and what you do. This is a high level video that once someone is interested in your product or service, you can add a human element to the picture.



Promotional video campaigns are a great way to get people interested in your product or service. These are great for social media ads on facebook and instagram as well as on your website to inform people on what your product or service is.

client testimonials

A written review online is one thing, but a video showing the emotion and impact that your product or service created in someones life will take someone from interested to a paying customer. We find that producing three of these videos for your company is the best to show a diverse amount of experience.


Listing videos

Showcase your real estate listings with a variety of visuals, including lifestyle walkthroughs that let the property speak for itself and guided walkthroughs that feature you or your voiceover.

neighborhood highlights

Highlight Your Neighborhood’s Best Features. Capture the look and feel of your neighborhood and the surrounding areas to convince potential buyers they’ll have everything they need and more when they move in.

Social First Marketing Content

Social Media Shorts

Now more than ever social media shorts are becoming a must for your brand. You can use them to educate your audience, share behind the scenes and day in the life of your work. 
3D Virtual tours for real estate

Matterport Virtual Tours

Incorporating 3D Matterport virtual tours in your listing presentation is essential in the post-pandemic era. Let prospective buyers take a 3D tour of your listing, even when they can’t be there in person. Virtual tours and open houses are a great way to boost engagement.
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"I feel like he has really helped me take my business to the next level"

We partnered with Nicole Leininger to produce organic video content to take her business to the next level by entertaining, educating and reaching a larger target audience. 

The Results

Since partnering Nicole we have taken her online presence, cleaned it up created branded media for her and is now an authority in her market due to video. She is now getting more organic leads from her YouTube videos since we are targeting the correct keywords on her website, social media channels and in the video scripts we produce. 

Here is a recent example of a new lead she received from a video we produced highlighting Lake Norman:

Interested in partnering up with us for your video production needs? Schedule your free video strategy call to discuss how we can help.


Nicole Leininger



Real Estate


  • Video Production
  • Brand Management
  • Social Media 

The Results

More organic leads to her channels

$113 Million in Sales in 2021... during a pandemic with Real Estate Marketing Videos

"Cameron and his team are a major piece of marketing in my business"

Before we started working with Marilyn there was no doubt that she was successful in the Asheville, NC real estate market. However, once we partnered up to create successful video marketing campaigns, she was able to sell listings site unseen during a pandemic at price tags over $1,000,000!!

The Results

Since we partnered up with Marilyn, we have helped her generate over $113 million in sales in Asheville, NC in 2021 by utilizing our video marketing strategies and distribution techniques to find the right buyers for her listings. Additionally, it has also created more listings for her as sellers are wanting to partner up with her to get the same results for their home sell. 


Marilyn Wright



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$113 Million in Sales

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